Asumi Nakata – Japanese child model

Name in English: Asumi Nakata
Name in Japanese: 中田 あすみ なかだ あすみ
Original name: 同じ
Nick name: はあすみん
5, 1988
cm (5 feet and 8.1 inches)
Current age: 24 years old
Origin place: Tokyo, Japan
Occupations: model, Singer, Seiyū
Years active 1997-present
Asumi Nakata 37521 _ Asumi Nakata 37522 _

Asumi Nakata is best known as a female seiyū, she is a Japanese child model who was born in Tokyo, Japan. She belonged to the talent agency Crayon, subsequently to Five Eight and Switch 58. At present, she belongs to Oscar Promotion. She used to be called “Asumi Nakada” on TV, for instance, on the TV program ‘Tensai Terebi-kun’. But now she is called “Asumi Nakata”.

She performed as a voice actress for the first time in Japanese anime Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch series that broadcast from April 2003 to December 2004. In two of the anime series, she voiced the heroine Lucia Nanami(Ruchia Nanami in Japanese).
On August 14 of 2005, she was invited to the Sixth Manga Fair in Taiwan. She sang a theme song of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch “Legend of Mermaid” there. She also provides the voice of Yusura in the Japanese anime series Himawari! that broadcast from April 2006.

Asumi Nakata 37523 _

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