Chika Tohno

Japanese name: 遠野 千夏 とおの ちか
Name in English: Chika Tohno
Occupations: female models, , and talent.
Nick name: ちっか
19, 1988
Current age 24 years
hometown Hokkaido, Japan

Nominal size (as of 2008)

Body measurements: B80 – W58 – cm
Shoe size 24.5 cm
Chika Tohno 900 _ Chika Tohno 901 _
Hokkaido, as is known to us, was born as a female model, race queen, and talent.
Firm affiliation K-point
Model agency is in Hokkaido “Runafurau”.
Nicknamed “nitride”.

Chika Tohno 902 _

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