Fukuoka Sayaka

Japanese name: 福岡サヤカ
Chinese name: 福冈亚也香
Birthday: April 7, 1980
Current age: 31-year-old
Occupation: swimsuit model
Hometown: Shijonawate, Osaka City, Japan
Weight: 48 kg
Body size: B85 – W58 – cm
Shoe size: 24.5 cm
Fukuoka Sayaka 30675 _福冈亚也香   福岡サヤカ

Debut in 2000.
Genre Gravure
Remarks by one-fourth phase Gal
Other records
Sekiyu K.K. image Personality (2001)
In 1998, TX “Song light SHOW!!” Made his debut. In 2000, “Beautiful Life” and also worked as an actress, and in October the same year, TBS “Wonderful” Blake in the fourth phase of the one-Gal. Wonderful in the former Yankee, and the caravan as foolish.

Fukuoka Sayaka is a popular Japanese swimsuit model.

Since 2002, Eri Asahina, even ITOU, Maiko Oosawa, and Mika Hizii BIJUARUYUNITTO “Chao”, Eri Asahina, even ITOU,茉美Sumi Nishi, Mika Hizii, Miyazaki and idle unit瑠依”D ★ shues” had been active.
Fukuoka Sayaka is a typical Japan beauty too.

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