Hiroko Shimabukuro

English name:
Japanese name: 島袋寛子, しまぶくろ ひろこ
7, 1984
Her age now: 27 years old in 2011
Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan
Occupations Singer, Dancer, Genres J-pop, Pop, R&B
Active years: 1996-2000 (Speed)
1999-present (solo)
Hiroko Shimabukuro 29081 _ Hiroko Shimabukuro 29082 _

Hiroko Shimabukuro, best known mononymously as hiro, is a Lewchewan singer. She debuted as a member of the popular girl Speed in 1996. In 1998, hiro released her first solo song “Mitsumete Itai” as a B-side to Speed’s single “All My True Love”. She made her official solo debut in 1999 with the single, “As Time Goes By”, which sold 800,000 copies in Japan. In August 2004 hiro released an all-English jazz album with her band Coco d’Or.

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