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Japan name: ヒトミ, 古谷仁美
Full Name: Furuya Hitomi, Birthdate: 1-26, 1976
Place of Birth: Tochigi, Japan
cm / 5’6″

Idol: Madonna
Favorite Musicians: Beck, Bjork, Radiohead
hitomi Information
hitomi is married to an executive in the Japanese advertising industry and has been since 2002. She has never disclosed any information about her husband, other than that they had been close friends since their first meeting eight years earlier. It has been speculated that he is (like her) a Kanagawa native based in Tokyo.

hitomi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities (majoring in Applied Sociology), awarded by the Kanto Gakuin University of Yokohama, Japan.
hitomi has made no secret of the fact that she holds the American singer Madonna as her idol, and that she hopes to have a career like the material girl’s. hitomi even went as far as to deliver a brief rendition of Madonna’s hit song Like A Virgin at a 2001 concert, as a tribute to her personal heroine.
In November 2007, it was reported that hitomi was getting divorced. It was also revealed that hitomi’s ex-husband was once in a band called GAS BOYS (disbanded before hitomi met him) and that hitomi never had any children.

[1995.09.27] GO TO THE TOP #3
[1996.09.11] by myself #1
[1997.11.12] déjà-vu #2
[1999.02.24] h (Best Album) #1
[1999.10.13] thermo plastic #2
[2000.12.13] LOVE LIFE #2
[2002.01.30] huma-rhythm #1
[2002.09.04] SELF PORTRAIT (Best Album) #1
[2003.10.16] HTM ~TIARTROP FLES~ (B-side Collection) #19
[2004.05.12] TRAVELER #2
[2006.09.27] LOVE CONCENT #13
[2007.12.05] peace (Best Album) #19
[1994.11.28] Let’s Play Winter failed to chart
[1995.02.22] WE ARE “LONELY GIRL” #61
[1995.04.21] CANDY GIRL #15
[1995.07.26] GO TO THE TOP #19
[1996.02.28] SEXY #9
[1996.05.22] In the future #7
[1996.08.08] by myself #7
[1997.04.09] BUSY NOW #4
[1997.06.11] problem #6
[1997.10.01] PRETTY EYES #5
[1998.04.22] Sora (空) #19
[1998.12.02] Progress #20
[1999.01.27] Someday #25
[1999.06.16] Kimi no Tonari (君のとなり) #13
[1999.08.04] there is… #17
[1999.10.06] Taion (体温) #19
[2000.06.28] LOVE 2000 #5

hitomi promoting huma-rhythm (2002)Like many Japanese artists, hitomi was first produced by Komuro Tetsuya, one of the top Japanese producers of the 1990s. Komuro scouted her at a modeling audition, and produced hitomi until he encouraged her to do her own songwriting. This was first shown in her album thermo plastic, released in 1999. The album reached #2 on the Oricon.
The spirit of her sexuality is evident in many of her single and album covers, and even titles of her albums. The title of her single compilation h may be seen as just the first letter of her name, but it also a euphemism for sex, as the Japanese pronunciation of the letter is “etchi” or ecchi.

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