Hitomi Ito – junior gravure idol

Name: Ito
Japanese name: 伊藤瞳
Japanese name: Japanese gravure idol
Birthdate: 3-20, 1988
Her age in 2011: 23 years old
, Japan
Ethnicity: Japanese
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: ballet, kendo
Favorite Food: salty foods
Talent: horse riding, swimming
Famous Friends: Kitagawa Keiko,

Hitomi Ito information
Hitomi Ito is a pretty young Japanese gravure idol. Debuting in 2005, she has participated in films such as “Pacchigi” and dramas such as “1 Litre no Namida”. This 20 year old Kanagawa gravure idol who loves modern ballet, kendo, and eating salty foods.

The movie she was set to begin filming in February has been delayed to find a new lead actress, her spring dorama and various other plans were also canceled. According to members of her staff, Hitomi Ito will be taking a break in London, England for a majority of the year. Her 2008 schedule is blank for a while, at least until summer. Her management is rumored to be planning her “comeback” for the autumn of this year.

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