Kishimoto Hayami wallpaper – pop singer and dancer

Japanese name: 岸本早未
Nicknames: Hayamin, Haya
Birthdate: 6-25, 1987
Age in 2011: 24 years old
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan

Favorite Artists: Britney Spears, Christina Milian, Destiny’s Child, Lil’ Kim, Janet Jackson
Favorite Clothing: B-STYLE
Favorite Color: Pink
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Kishimoto Hayami information
Kishimoto Hayami (岸本早未) is a Japanese pop singer and dancer under the GIZA studio record label. She debuted in 2003 with the single “MeiQ!?-Meikyu-MAKE★YOU”. The PVs for her songs show off her jazz- and hip-hop influenced dance skills.


Kishimoto Hayami Career
Kishimoto signed with Giza after she participated in the “Giza studio presents DIG STAR audition,” in October of 2002. She debuted on her birthday in 2003 (when she turned 16 years old), with the release of the single, “MeiQ!?-Meikyū-MAKE YOU-” (迷Q!?-迷宮-MAKE YOU-, “MeiQ!?-Meikyū-MAKE YOU-”?). She has continued to release singles since then, and is still actively recording music. Her latest single is “See you Darling”, released on February 28, 2007.

Her singles have since been used in some anime series. “MeiQ!?-Meikyū-MAKE YOU-” (迷Q!?-迷宮-MAKE YOU-, “MeiQ!?-Meikyū-MAKE YOU-”?) was used in a TBS anime as the opening theme. Mienai Story (みえないストーリー, Mienai Story?) was used as the 3rd ending theme and Kaze ni Mukai Aruku you ni (風に向かい歩くように)as the fourth ending theme for the anime Detective School Q (探偵学園Q, Tantei Gakuen Q?).

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