Miwa Asao

English name: Miwa Asao
Japanese name: 浅尾 美和 あさお みわ
Birthdate: 2 February, 1986
Current age in 2011: 27 years old
Occupation: beach volleyball player.
Birthplace: Suzuka, Mie, Japan
Height: 1.72 m
Weight: 53 kg
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Healthy and strong Miwa Asao is a female Japanese beach volleyball player. She looks a little black in the photos. She often referred to in media reports as the “pixie of beach volleyball” or simply “pixie of the beach” for her good looks, Asao has helped to popularize beach volleyball in Japan while herself becoming a national celebrity through her numerous appearances on television and in magazines and newspapers.
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  1. Her and Akira Fubuki are my main reasons for a fondness for asian ladies.

  2. She is one of the reasons for my love of Asian ladies the other is Akira Fubuki.

  3. another example of why asian girls are the prettiest.

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