Nao Yuuki – tiny Anime character

English name: Nao Yuuki
Japanese name: 結城 奈緒
Current age in 2011: 14 years old


BWH  B79 – W56 – H76 cm
As is a character in the anime and manga series My-HiME, her name has been changed to Juliet Nao Zhang. In both the My-HiME and My-Otome anime, she is voiced by Yuuka Nanri, who is best known as the vocalist of the FictionJunction Yuuka.
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A positively wonderful wall calendar featuring a great selection of photographs of the lovely , a silky, soft Japanese idol with a killer body and brown eyes that won’t stop. Mostly recognized from her many tantalizing photobooks and image DVD’s throughout Japan, you can enjoy this sweet looking idol for the entire year in this terrific poster sized 7 page calendar that’s ripe for the picking. Perfect for all fans of .

In episode 26, her myriad of date-robbery victims band together to seek revenge against her, but Nao Yuuki restores her powers (and left eye) and she narrowly escapes an ugly fate, also reviving Nao’s mother and healing her injuries. She joins with the rest of the re-empowered HiME to destroy the HiME Star, enabling Mai and Kagutsuchi to destroy the Obsidian Lord. After the conclusion of the Festival she becomes a nun at the Fuuka Academy church along with Miyu Greer, an occupation which fans jokingly suspect will not last long.

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