Yui Nyan, Ichikawa Yui beautiful cute Japanese babe.

English name:
Nickname: Yui nyan
Occupation: Actress, singer and gravure idol
10, 1986
Current age in 2011: 25 years old
, Japan

Measurements: B83 W55  cm (B32.5 W21.5 H33.5 inches)

Talent Agency: Ken On
Yui Ichikawa 1564 _ Yui Ichikawa 1565 _ Read more about this idol »

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Agnes Monica

Indonesia name: Agnes Monica Muljoto
Chinese name: 阿格尼丝·莫妮卡
Also known as: Nez and Aggy
Birthdate: Jul-01, 1986
Current age now: 25 years old in 2011
Birthplace: Jakarta, Indonesia
Profession: pop singer, dancer, actress, songwriter, and producer.
Nationality: Indonesian

Star sign: Cancer
Family: Father Ricky, mother Jenny Siswono and brother Steve
Talent agency: Entertainment Inc.
Agnes Monica 39702 _ Agnes Monica 39703 _
Agnes Monica started her career in the age of 6 as a Read more about this idol »

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Takahashi Ai

Japanese name: 高橋愛, たかはし あい
Nickname: Ai-chan, Lovely, Takitty, Tettekete
Birthday: 9-14, 1986
Current age: 23
Birthplace: Sakai, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
Occupation: Actress and pop singer associated with Hello! Project

Hobbies: Watching plays, ballet
Specialty: Flipping her eyelids, bridge
Favorite food: Sauce katsudon, omelette rice
Disliked food: Mont blanc, eggplant, pineapple, musubi, perilla leaves
Favorite color: Black, white, pink
Favorite word: “Tomodachi” (友達 – “Friend”)
Favorite season: Autumn
Favorite flowers: Roses
Favorite song: Tsumetai Umi / Start in My Life by
Love Audition 21 audition songs:
Round 1: “Tsumetai Umi” (Kuraki Mai)
Takahashi Ai 6945 _ Takahashi Ai 6946 _
Round 2: “Tsumetai Umi” (Kuraki Mai)
Graduated from Hinode High School, a private academy known for its many celebrity students.
First child in family and has one sister.
Highly skilled and trained in classical ballet and singing. Entered a nation-wide competition with her junior high choir.
Ai Takahashi information
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Yui Ichikawa

Name: Yui Ichikawa
Japanese name: 市川由衣
Nickname: Yuinyan
, Japan
Birthday: February 10th, 1986
Current age: 26 years old in 2011
Occupation: idol, actress, and singer
Bust: B83 cm
Waist: W55 cm
Hips: cm
Talent: Swimming

Yui Ichikawa 1513 _市川由衣 Yui Ichikawa 1580 _市川由衣

When Ichikawa was a first-year student in a Harajuku junior high, she was scouted to join a NAMCO-sponsored audition in 1999. She won and subsequently began gravure modeling for various magazines in 2000. Her first photobook was released in 2001 at the age of 15. That same year, Ichikawa began her career as a talent, participating in Read more about this idol »

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Ayano Kitami

Japanese name: 北見綾野
29, 1986
Her real age in 2011: 25 years old
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan.
Occupation: Idol and singer
Height: 148cm
Measurement: B83 cm W58 cm H81 cm

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Ourei Harada

Japanese name: 原田桜怜
Occupation: gravure idol and model.
Birthday: February 25, 1986
Current age: 26 years old now
Birth location: Tokyo, Japan
Perfect Measurements: B97 – W60 – cm  
cm (5 feet 2 inches)
Shoe size: 23cm
Eye color: Brown.
Hot & busty Ourei Harada in different outfits. All of them are great because they highlight her huge tsn. Her round melons are busting out in all of these pics. In fact Harada a such a
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