Ohtsu Azusa profile and desktop

Japanese name: 大津あずさ, 大津梓
Height: 148CM
Measurement: B88 W57 cm
2, 1986 Hinase
Sign: Virgo
Special Skill: Interior Design
Hobbies: Movies

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Leah Dizon – Latest photo group

Name: or Leah Donna Dizon
Chinese name: 莉亚迪桑
Japanese name: リア・ディゾン
24, 1986
Current age: 25 years old in 2011
Origin Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Genre(s) J-pop
Occupation(s) Model, Singer
Years active 2006–present
Label(s) Victor Entertainment

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Kawamura Yukie – gravure idol

Japanese name: 川村ゆきえ
Chinese name: 川村雪恵
23, 1986
Age now: 26 years old
Birthplace: Hokkaido
Occupation: gravure idol

Bust: B90 cm
Waist: W60 cm
Hips: cm
Hobbies: Sewing, being in her room, volleyball
Kawamura Yukie 23588 _ Kawamura Yukie 23589 _

kawamura yukie made her debut as a gravure idol in 2003. Due to being in 2003, Yukie’s popularity quickly rose and she is now as well-known
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Chise Nakamura – actress and gravure idol

Japanese name: なかむら ちせ, 中村知世
Birthday: September 11, 1986
The current age in 2011: 25-year-old age
Hometown Fukuoka City, Japan


Measurement: B82 – W56 – H81 cm
Bra size: D65
Shoe size: 23.5 cm
Chise Nakamura 33543 _
Swing Girls (2004) Read more about this idol »

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Asaki Kazuha – Miss Seventeen competition 2004

Her Japanese name: 浅木一華
Nickname: Kazuharin (かずはりん)
Birthdate: 9-1, 1986
Her age in real: 25 years old
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
Bloodtype: O

Measurement: B80 – W56 – H80 cm
Shoe size: 22.5 cm
Language: Japanese,English and Spanish (a little)
Education: Hosei University
Asaki Kazuha 37581 _ Asaki Kazuha 37577 _

Asaki Kazuha (浅木一華) is a winner of the Miss Seventeen competition 2004. Read more about this idol »

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Kuka Kobayashi

Name: Kobayashi
Japanese name: 小林由佳(This BAYASHI Floor)
Birthday: March 22, 1986
Her current age in 2011: 25 years old already
, Japan
Nationality: Japanese
Language: Japanese
Occupation: Popular idol, Karateka & Model

Measurements: B80 cm W58 cm H80 cm

Yuka Kobayashi (karate). Read more about this idol »

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