Chihiro Otsuka wallpaper – actress

Name: Chihiro Otsuka
Japanese name: 大塚ちひろ, 大塚 千弘,  Ōtsuka Chihiro
12, 1986
Her age in 2011: 26 years old

Birthplace: Tokushima Prefecture, Japan)
Occupation: Japanese actress.
Her birth name is written as 大塚 千弘, Otsuka Chihiro, but she transformed her given name into hiragana characters.

Chihiro Otsuka Movie
Dark Water (2002) Read more about this idol »

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Doukyuu Saeko – gravure idol & actress

Name: Doukyuu
Japanese name: 道休冴子, どうきゅう さえこ
Birthday: 11-16, 1986
Current age in 2011: 25 years old already
Birthplace: Miyazaki Prefecture

Talent: Athletic Sports, Ballet & Jazz Dance
Hobbies: Nail Art & Writing Poems
Saeko 10344 _ Saeko 10345 _ Saeko 10346 _
Saeko is a gravure idol & actress in Japan who does various doramas and CMs. She co-hosted and performed a cover song at the annual GIRL POP FACTORY show in the summer of 2004. Read more about this idol »

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Arashiro Beni wallpaper

Japanese name: 安良城紅
Birthday: 3-30, 1986
Current age in 2011: 26 years old
Birth Place: Kanagawa, Japan
Hometown: Okinawa & Yokosuka
Current School: Sophia Univeristy
Favorite Artists: Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson,
Favorite Actors: Johnny Depp, Wesley Snipes
Favorite Magazine: Seventeen, XXL, Vibe
Favorite Movies: X-Men, Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Nemo
Other Favorites: Harry Potter, soccer, shopping
Arashiro Beni 37643 _ Arashiro Beni 37644 _

Arashiro Beni information
Arashiro Beni was named winner of the “New Artist of the Year” for the 19th Japan Gold Disc Award in 2005. She was one of the Read more about this idol »

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Tomomi Kudo – models & singer

Japanese name: 工藤友美
Date of Birth:  9-26, 1986
Cuurent age: 25

, Japan

Measurements: B85 – W56 – cm
Hobbies: Singing, Writing
Special Skill: Dance
Favorite Sports: Swimming, Badminton, Water sports

Tomomi Kudo information Read more about this idol »

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Matsuura Aya – popular music artist

Japanese name: 松浦亜弥, あやや
Birth Date: 6-25, 1986
Her current  age: 26 years old

Birth Place: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Hobbies: Shopping
Special skill: Tennis
Favorite colors: White, black, pink, color of tears
Favorite word: Love
Favorite season: Autumn
Favorite food: Rice, miso soup, fruits
Disliked food: broccoli, cauliflower, celery, parsley
Hello! Project Groups:
Gomattou (2002-2003)
Nochiura Natsumi (2004-2005)
DEF.DIVA (2005-2006)
GAM (2006-)
Shuffle Units:
2001: 3nin Matsuri
2002: Odoru 11
2003: SALT5
2004: H.P. All Stars
Concert Units:
Hello! Project Akagumi (2005)
Elder Club (2006-)
Matsuura Aya 16613 _ Matsuura Aya 16614 _
Matsuura Aya information
Matsuura Aya debuted in 2001 with the single Dokki Doki! LOVE Mail. Her debut public performance with Hello! Project was at the Read more about this idol »

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Chieko Okada

Japanese name: 岡田 千絵子
Birth Date : 1-10, 1986
Current age in 2011: 26 years old
Birth Place : Kanagawa Prefecture
Height : 161cm
Blood Type : B
HT:162 B:79 W:60 H:84 S:24.5.
Hobbies : Baking, Talking with friends, reading


Chieko Okada information
chieko okada is a Japanese actress, model and gravure idol. She’s most popularly known for the Read more about this idol »

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