Nakajima Mai

Nickname: まいご
Japanese name: 中島舞, なかじま まい
13, 1983
Current age: 28 years old
Hometown: Tokyo Japan

Nominal Size (date unknown)

Measurements: B90 – W58 – cm
Shoe size 23.5 cm

Nakajima Mai is a former female talent in Read more about this idol »

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Arimura Akari

Name: Arimura Akari
Japanese name: 有村 亜加里, ありむら あかり
Nickname: あかりん
Current age: 26 years old
Occupations: Japan-style singer, entertainer, .
Birthplace: Tochigi, Japan

Weight: 165 cm
Measurements: B90 – W58 – cm
Shoe Size 24.5 cm
Akari Arimura 936 _
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Waka Inoue

Japanese name: 井上和香, いのうえ わか
Birth name: Naoko Aramura, 新村 直子
Profession: Gravure idol, tarento, model and actress
13, 1980
Current age: 31 years old now in 2011
Birth location: Tokyo, Japan
Measurements: B90 cm W60 cm H90 cm
Blood : O
Ethnicity: Japanese
Waka Inoue 3836 _井上和香, いのうえ わか Waka Inoue 3837 _井上和香, いのうえ わか
Her mother is former actress Kyoko Saga. Waka Inoe has gone from an Read more about this idol »

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China Fukunaga

Japanese name: 福永ちな
Birthday: July-28 , 1981
Current age: 30 years old now in 2011
Birthplace: Aichi prefecture, Japan
Profession: Model and gravure idol
Weight: 45 kg
Measurements: B90 cm, W56 cm, cm

Eye color: brown
Shoe size: 24
Ethnicity: Japanese
China Fukunaga 33554 _福永ちな
piari(2005年4月4日、竹書房) ISBN 4812421012
ラブちな(2006年7月、学習研究社) ISBN 4054031242 Read more about this idol »

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Kawamura Yukie – gravure idol

Japanese name: 川村ゆきえ
Chinese name: 川村雪恵
23, 1986
Age now: 26 years old
Birthplace: Hokkaido
Occupation: gravure idol

Bust: B90 cm
Waist: W60 cm
Hips: cm
Hobbies: Sewing, being in her room, volleyball
Kawamura Yukie 23588 _ Kawamura Yukie 23589 _

kawamura yukie made her debut as a gravure idol in 2003. Due to being in 2003, Yukie’s popularity quickly rose and she is now as well-known
Read more about this idol »

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Mamiko Mise

Birth name:
Japanese name: 三瀬真美子
Birthday: 9-17, 1969
Age: 42 years
Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Nominal size (2008 at the time of year)
Weight: 46 kg
Measurements: B90 – W59 – cm
Inseam 84 cm
height ratio: 49.4%
Shoe Size: 24.5 cm
Unit conversion system:
Height 5 ’8 ”
weight: lb
Measurements: B35 – W23 – H35 in
Inseam: 33 ”

Mamiko Mise (will see sibylline, September 17, 1969 -), Japanese female Read more about this idol »

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