Asami Tada

English name: Asami Tada
Japanese name: 多田 あさみ   ただ あさみ
27, 1988
The current age: 23-year-old
Occupations: Gravure idol, actress.
Hometown: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture,

Nominal size (HP official 2012 time)
Weight: 50 kg
BMI 17.9
Body measurements:  – W58 – cm
Bra size: F
Asami Tada 1600 _ Asami Tada 1601 _
She belongs to M’s World. 13, 2009 (2009) July, award-winning rookie of Read more about this idol »

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Akina Aoshima

Name: Akina Aoshima
Japanese name: 青島 あきな   あおしま あきな
4, 1987
Age: 25 years old now
Occupations: Gravure idol, former
Hometown: Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Nominal size (as of 2007)
weight: 46 Kg
Body measurements: B87 – W58 – cm
bra size: G
Shoe size: 23 cm
Akina Aoshima 1440 _Gravure idol, race queen Akina Aoshima 1441 _Gravure idol, race queen
Basic information:
She is from Read more about this idol »

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Kaori Ishii – lovely young gravure idol

Name: Kaori Ishii
Japanese name: 石井香織
01, 1990
Current age in 2011: 22 years old
Hometown: Born in Chiba Prefecture

Size: B85 cm  W57 cm  cm
Shoe size: 24.5cm
Kaori Ishii 21707 _ Kaori Ishii 21708 _ Read more about this idol »

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Toyomi Suzuki

Japanese name: 鈴木 豊美     すずき とよみ   とよみん
4, 1981
Age: 30 years old
Birthplace: Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Occupations: Talent, .
Nominal size (as of 2008)
Weight: 49
Body measurements: B84 – W58 – cm
Toyomi Suzuki 4704 _鈴木 豊美
Her hobbies: Internet, such as making sweets Read more about this idol »

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Yuka Mizusawa

English name: Mizusawa
Name in Japanese: 水沢 友香   or  水沢友香,  みずさわ ゆか  
Date of Birth: November 3, 1986
Age: 26 years old now
Occupations: Former gravure idol.
Birthplace: Nara, Japan

Nominal size (as of 2008)
Weight: Kg
Body measurements: B88 – W58 – cm
bra size: E
She was born in Nara Prefecture. E Co., Ltd. was a member of the cast.
Yuka Mizusawa 1282 _ Yuka Mizusawa 1283 _
Many shot barrage the underwear-wearing Panmoro cosplay schoolgirl, was Read more about this idol »

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Shinri Abei

English name: Shinri Abei
Japanese name: 阿部 真里   あべ まり
Real name: Mariko Abe.
Occupations: Former gravure idol, actress, and talent.
Birthdate December 18, 1984
Current age: 27 years old
Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan

Nominal size (at 2009)
Weight: kg
Body measurement: B83 – W58 – cm
Bra size C
Shoe size 23.0 cm
Former stage name:
Affiliation: Irving firm

Shinri Abei 171 _ Shinri Abei 169 _ Read more about this idol »

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