Takase Akiko

Name: Takase Akiko
Japanese name: 高瀬媛子 (たかせ あきこ) or フリガナ タカセ アキコ
Name: Takase Akiko
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1978-Sep-25
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan

Star sign: Libra

Shoe size: 24 cm
Talent agency: Stardust
Takase Akiko 323.jpg_ Takase Akiko 324.jpg_
Personal URL:  http://person.naver.jp/1107952

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Takaki Mio

English name: Takaki Mio
Japanese name: 高樹澪 (たかきみお)
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1960-Dec-31
Current age in 2012: 42 years old
Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan

Star sign: Capricorn

Talent agency: Naripro
Takaki Mio 290.jpg_ Takaki Mio 291.jpg_

TV works
Kono yo no Hate (Fuji TV, 1994) Read more about this idol »

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Fukada Aki

Name: Fukada Aki
Japanese name: 深田あき (ふかだ あき)
Original name: 深田 燁子(ふかだ あきこ)
Occupation: Actress
Birthdate: Dec-15, 1983
Current age in 2012: 29 years old
, Japan
Star sign: Sagittarius

Talent agency: Amuse
Hobby: Piano
Languages: Japanese, French, English
Fukada Aki 64 _ Fukada Aki 65 _
TV works
Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Read more about this idol »

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Enami Kyoko

Name: 江波杏子
Name: Enami Kyoko
Real Name: 野平香純   Nohira Kazumi
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1942-Oct-15
, Japan
Star sign: Libra

Talent agency: Alpha Agency
Enami Kyoko 35 _ Enami Kyoko 36 _
TV Shows
37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku ~Kenshui Junjo Read more about this idol »

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Asuka Rin

English name: Asuka Rin
Japanese name: 飛鳥 凛    あすか りん
28, 1991
Current age: 21 years old
Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Occupation: Actress and talent
2006 debut
Fashion Model Description
Other activities talent, model

Asuka Rin 28 _飛鳥 凛   あすか りん Asuka Rin 29 _飛鳥 凛   あすか りん
Asuka Rin’s debut role was in the film Tenshi ga Kureta Mono, and was later Read more about this idol »

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Emi Hasekawa

English name: Emi Hasekawa
Japanese name: 長谷川 恵美   はせがわ えみ
Nick name: ハセエミ
8, 1985
The current age: 27-year-old
Occupations: Gravure idol and actress, Belong to G-ARIA.
Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Nominal size (as of 2006)
Weight: 49 kg
Body measurements: B82 – W58 – cm
80 cm / 48.5% ratio height / inseam
Shoe size 25 cm
Emi Hasekawa 1600 _長谷川 恵美 Emi Hasekawa 1601 _長谷川 恵美
In October 2000, won the Grand Prix level in Weekly Young Jump, “the 11th Read more about this idol »

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