Ayaka Sayama

English name: Ayaka Sayama
Japan name: 佐山 彩香   さやま あやか
17, 1993
The current age: 19-year-old
Occupations: Gravure idol, actress. Affiliation GPR.
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan

Weight: 43.5 kg
Body measurements: B85 – W60 – cm
Bra size: F
Shoe size 24 cm
Ayaka Sayama 1600 _young actress Ayaka Sayama 1601 _young actress
It was the scout to be present in the office of Harajuku Station in Read more about this idol »

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Asami Tada

English name: Asami Tada
Japanese name: 多田 あさみ   ただ あさみ
27, 1988
The current age: 23-year-old
Occupations: Gravure idol, actress.
Hometown: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture,

Nominal size (HP official 2012 time)
Weight: 50 kg
BMI 17.9
Body measurements:  – W58 – cm
Bra size: F
Asami Tada 1600 _ Asami Tada 1601 _
She belongs to M’s World. 13, 2009 (2009) July, award-winning rookie of Read more about this idol »

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Akina Aoshima

Name: Akina Aoshima
Japanese name: 青島 あきな   あおしま あきな
4, 1987
Age: 25 years old now
Occupations: Gravure idol, former
Hometown: Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Nominal size (as of 2007)
weight: 46 Kg
Body measurements: B87 – W58 – cm
bra size: G
Shoe size: 23 cm
Akina Aoshima 1440 _Gravure idol, race queen Akina Aoshima 1441 _Gravure idol, race queen
Basic information:
She is from Read more about this idol »

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Asami Tani

English name: Asami Tani
Japanese name: 谷 麻紗美   たに あさみ
Nick name: あーちゃん
29, 1987
The current age: 25-year-old
Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Hair Color Brown
Nominal size (time unknown)
weight: 45 kg
Body measurements: B82 – W55 – cm
Shoe size 22.5 cm
Asami Tani 1602 _Yokohama actress Asami Tani 1603 _Yokohama actress
She is a gravure idol born in Read more about this idol »

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Ai Shinozaki – Young anime fictional character

Japanese name: 篠崎愛, しのざき あい
Nick name: らぶたん。
26, 1992
Current Age: 20 years old
Hometown: Tokyo Japan

Occupation: Gravure idol and singer. A fictional character of the anime and manga series Corrector Yui.
Weight: 46 kg
Measurements: B87 – – H94 cm
G bra size
Shoe size 24.0 cm
Ai Shinozaki 1600 _ Ai Shinozaki 1601 _
Cute Japanese anime girl Ai-Shinozaki-2790.jpg_篠崎愛 18 year old photos Resolution: 1200×1600
My favorite food is fried, dried cuttlefish octopus Pocky
Least favorite food is celery, natto, umeboshi .
She is good at school subjects in home, economics, science and social subjects is her weakness .
Hobby: singing, when she is singing “crescent” of Ayaka and Ayaka singing voice are similar . In addition to that, the “Grand Prix – The survival-mimicry” broadcast October 4, 2011 at (NTV) are showing . Her idol is the singer .
Ai Shinozaki is a Read more about this idol »

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Anri Sugihara – pretty Idol, talent.

English name: Anri Sugihara
Japanese name: 杉原 杏璃 すぎはら あんり
Alias name: 杉原 あんり
12, 1982
Current age: 30 years
Occupation: Idol and talent.
Flag of Japan Japan Fukuyama, Hiroshima hometown

Nominal size (as of 2008)
Body weight: 39 kg
BMI 15.8 (underweight)
Body measurements: B89 – W56 – H80 cm
Size G bra
Shoe size 23.5 cm
Anri Sugihara 1456 _ Anri Sugihara 1457 _
She was born in Fukuyama, Hiroshima. Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture high Read more about this idol »

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