Ozawa Maju or Majyu Ozawa

English name: Ozawa Maju or Majyu Ozawa
Japanese original name: 小沢 真珠 おざわ まじゅ
Former name: 土方典子(ひじかたのりこ)
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: Jan-3, 1977
Age now: 35 years old
, Japan

Star sign: Capricorn

Talent agency: Box Corporation
Majyu Ozawa 20258 _ Majyu Ozawa 20259 _
TV Shows
Maid Deka (TV Asahi, 2010, ep9) Read more about this idol »

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Kato Rosa – beautiful commercial model (fashion model)

Name: Kato Rosa
Japanese name: 加藤ローサ (かとう ローサ)
Originale Japanes name: 松井 ローサ(旧姓 加藤)
Nickname: Ro-chin, Ro-kun
Profession: actress and commercial model (fashion model)
Birthdate: Jun-22, 1985
Current age now in 2011: 27 years old
Birthplace: Naples, Campania, Italy

Star sign: Cancer

Talent agency: Ken-on
Kato Rosa 23700 _ Kato Rosa 23676 _
Recent years’ TV Shows
Fuyu no Sakura (TBS, 2011) Read more about this idol »

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Hanai Kayama

Japanese name: 加山花衣
Birthday: April 7, 1980
Current age: 32 years old

Measurements: B86 – W58 – (CM)
Constellation: N   A

What a pretty girl in the photo presented to us. She is also a young actress while she produced so many movie and TV works. Wish her new Read more about this idol »

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Mihoko Sunouchi

Japanese name: 須之内美帆子, すのうち みほこ
Mihoko flower alias
Occupation: Actress, the former , one of the “Wonderful” girls
3, 1976
Current age: 35 years old
Ibaraki Japan Hometown

Nominal size (as of 1993 year)

BMI 17.8 (underweight)
Body measurements: B80 – W57 – cm
Mihoko Sunouchi 16184 _
Ibaraki Prefecture. Choshi, Chiba Prefecture dropped out of Read more about this idol »

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Matsui Yurie

Japanese name: 松井友里絵, まつい ゆりえ
Nickname Chan Ah
Date of Birth: April 6, 1988
Current age: 23 years old
Tokyo, Japan Birthplace
B blood type
Size: Nominal (2008 as)

Occupation: Fashion model from Tokyo, idol.

Rie Yuu Matsui is a Read more about this idol »

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Mizuki Arisa

Japnese name: 観月ありさ, みづき ありさ
Chinese name: 觀月亞里莎
Occupation: Actress, singer and model
Birthdate: Dec-05, 1976
Current age in 2011: 35 years old
, Japan
Weight: 48 kg
Star sign: Sagittarius

She has an American father and a Japanese mother.
Talent agency: Vision Factory
Mizuki Arisa 14731 _ Mizuki Arisa 14732 _
When she was four years old, Mizuki has already worked in commercial. After she has grown up, she became a TV actress who has been in numerous TV drama. She is also a successful Read more about this idol »

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