Tokito Ami

Japanese name: 時東ぁみ, 小松幸江, ぁみたん, あみにぃ
Birthdate: 9-25,  1987
Current age: 24 years old now
, Japan
Occupation: Gravure idol and pop singer

Bust: B86 cm
Waist: W58 cm
Hips: cm
Shoe size: 24cm
Hobby: Emailing
Skill: Basketball, futsal
Favorite foods: Natto, strawberries, chocolate
Person respected: Basketball coach
Favorite male talents: Akashiya Sanma, Okamura Takashi
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Tokito Ami information
Tokito Ami is a gravure idol and singer. She could previously be seen as Tsunku’s co-host on his web TV show Tsunku TV. She made her debut as “ami Tokito (small initial letter in her first name) with 2005 Miss Young Jump, winning Tsunku’s honorable award. Her glasses, which brought her a recognition of a “Megane Idol”, are (as she claims in her official website and blog) for hiding her face because of her shyness. She has also revealed her eyesight is perfectly fine.

Without her trademark glasses, she started acting as a child actor using her former stage name, Sachie Komatsu and Hikaru Asakura.

She has recently been featured as “Amimi” in the Tsunku produced trio Gyaruru, together with Asami Abe and Natsuko “Gal” Sone.
One of the winners of Miss Magazine 2005 (chosen out of 16,000 hopefuls), Tokito Ami made her debut as a gravure idol in May 2005 with her first DVD. She released another DVD before her first photobook was released. What makes Ami so attractive to fans are her trademark glasses, as she is rarely seen not wearing them. While most gravure idols do wear glasses when they’re not in front of cameras, few wear them in front of camera when it isn’t candid or for cosplay. Because of this, Ami is known as a “megadol”, short for “meganekko idol”. Ami has actually admitted to having 1.5 eyesight in each eye.

During her time on the Miss Magazine futsal team, Ami acted as goalkeeper and instead of glasses, she wore goggles to protect her eyes.
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As a child, Ami was part of a local theater company during her fifth grade year in 1998. She was also in the drama Sensei Shiranai no?.

Ami’s first and second singles were released under the Marvelous Entertainment label, while her first two mini-albums were released under Good Factory Record. Ami then made her major “debut” under her new label TNX, a company that Tsunku created, with her third single I’m a lady ~Jirettai Watashi~. Most (if not all) of her songs are produced by Tsunku and have been arranged by most Hello! Project arrangers.
In addition to her solo music career, Ami was recently put into the Gyaruru with Gal Sone Natsuko and .

Tokito Ami Works
[2005.05.28] and Tokito Ami (with )
[2005.06.07] occhiali
[2005.10.21] Tokito Ami Miss Magazine 2005 (時東ぁみ ミスマガジン2005)
[2005.11.25] Tokito Ami Tenshi no Itazura
[2005.11.25] Megane no Bakayaroo
[2006.04.01] Music V Tokushuu 1 ~Pineappo!~ (ミュージックV特集 ①~パインナッポー!~)
[2006.06.14] Tokito Ami Hatsu Live ’06 Haru ~The Nakano Sampler~ (時東ぁみ 初ライブ ’06春 ~ザ?中野サンプラ~)

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